Justice for Robert Henderson

October 5, 2013 Medicine Balls, Private Eye Issue 1350 Filed under: Private Eye — Dr. Phil @ 8:00 am Justice for Robert Henderson By far the greatest harm caused by the NHS is not the mistakes that it makes, but the fact that they are so often denied, dismissed, improperly investigated or covered up so that patients, […]

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PATIENT END-OF-LIFE-CARE BILL OF RIGHTS. Sufficient fluids will be given to me by mouth, by tube to the stomach or by drip into a vein or under the skin, to relieve thirst and keep me hydrated, unless I decided against it. My bodily nutrition will be maintained by any reasonable means unless I especially prohibit […]

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Best Care of the Dying Patient Conference

(See PDF  version here: Best Care conference 2013) Archdiocese of Liverpool Best Care of the Dying Patient in the light of the Neuberger Review of the Liverpool Care Pathway A Conference for Priests, Deacons, Bereavement Teams, Eucharistic Ministers, Lay Funeral Ministers, Healthcare Workers, and anyone involved or interested in the care of the dying. Chaired by Sr […]

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The Medical Ethical Alliance response to the LACDP

THE MEDICAL ETHICS ALLIANCE, would like to offer the following statement as a response to the Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People.   C CONSIDER the situation calmly, with care and compassion.   Is the person imminently dying? Where do they want to be – home or hospital? How secure is the diagnosis? […]

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