Dear Friend,

You may be aware that on JULY 12th last year a REVIEW of the LCP was published you can download this by going to the link below; or by simply putting in to your browser, ‘Review of LCP More Care Less Pathway’.

Why is it important for us to carry on? Because the LCP hasn’t gone yet and we have grave fears about what may replace it. Will some or many of the elements of the LCP be carried over?

So for those of you for whom this is your first visit to us please carry on and read WHAT MIGHT TAKE THE PLACE OF THE LCP, below.

 What Might Take the Place of the LCP?

The Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying of Dying People is a group of LCP supporters led by a Dr. Bee Wee apparently she is National Clinical Director for End of Life Care, we say ‘apparently’ because no-one seems to have heard of her before the Review.  We know they are LCP supporters because they were all previously involved in its’ promotion. Sadly not one of our highly qualified doctors, who had the courage to speak out against the LCP were invited on to the Leadership Alliance.

Also it has now become frighteningly clear that barely was the ink dry on the Review before the Alliance stepped forward; so it looks very like they were waiting in the wings all the time the so called ‘consultation’ with bereaved relatives was taking place. How sad and how terribly cruel to the many families who had lost loved ones.

 In place of the LCP

You may hear of a Personal Care Plan or an End of Life Care Plan we now know that this is a way of misleading the public because the intention is to carry out the same methods, no food, no fluid and a false prediction of death which is  inescapable.

We have also recently discovered that JOHN ELLERSHAW and DEBORAH MURPHY (who created the LCP) are still peddling their dangerous ideas. Murphy as recently as February was giving lectures and extolling the virtues of the LCP at Liverpool University hospital.

We have to thank Dr.Gill Craig, Dr.Philip Howard, Dr. Patrick Pullicino, Dr. Tony Cole, Sister Teresa Lynch and of course Dr. Richard Lamerton for help with an understanding of the clinical methods and medicine used in the LCP. Also Dr. Jacqui Laing for advice and articles about legalities and the journalist Simon Cauldwell, for helping with our efforts to reach a wider public and for the many articles and features he has written that helped our cause.


Let’s hope sense and care will prevail, let’s hope that we can rest easy in our beds and certainly in our hospital beds. Until then please pass the site on especially to those at risk and say a prayer that the good guys win in the end.