Family experiences

Fiona Bruce story

The M.P. Fiona Bruce, having witnessed the agonising death of her mother on the LCP whose heart rending death after a period of being deprived of food and fluids, without her family being consulted had left her with a sense of “Terrible guilt”, now found herself with a nurse who casually told her “He had not long to live, we are putting him on the Liverpool Care Pathway”. There was no discussion, no explanation or no consultation between the family and the hospital staff. There was no sign of a MDT there. Having been removed, on her insistence from the LCP, her father now resides in a care home and is looking forward to his 85th birthday.


Margaret, Eddie and Annette’s story

On the 3rd of April 2013 we filmed one family’s story. Margaret, Eddie and Annette’s story, here is a part of it for you (watch video). For Margaret, Eddie and Annette the news was given suddenly, only a few hours before Margaret had been watching telly and had been happy for the family, who had been right by her bed all the time, to go home and rest. Something happened that night in the few short hours she was alone. They believe that Margaret was given opiates to make her sleep or more accurately become comatose (read more). So, that morning, they were taken into a room, with only a Macmillan nurse and a trainee in it, they were told, “Your mum’s dying now.” Eddie and Annette describe the shock and helplessness they felt at this astounding unexpected news. They expected Margaret to come home that day, now they were told to gather the family, the grandchildren, everyone, all together to say goodbye. Eddie says “It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do,”

Eddie and Annette never had that meeting, never had that discussion with the MDT, never had the right and respect that everyone deserves, never got to share the end they would have liked with the mum they truly loved. Because they never believed it was the end, just a decision made from afar that it was Margaret’s turn to go, she was on the list, no-one was going to stop them. And they will never, ever, forgive those people for the lies and cover- up, that they, despite a huge struggle for justice, now have to live with.

Who in a civilised country deserves this?