Who we are

About four years ago NIKKI KENWARD made an appearance on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square as a part of Antony Gormley’s ONE&OTHER to protest about the growing threat of euthanasia and in particular the deaths of many disabled people, which continues to this day.

There on that hot and memorable day she met ELSPETH CHOWDHARAY-BEST who, since the death of her mother, had become an experienced, long time, dedicated campaigner against euthanasia.

Since this time they have worked together on many projects and as a force to bring to the attention of the press and other media anyone vulnerable to the threat of euthanasia. NIKKI along with her husband Merv began THE DISTANT VOICES Elspeth continued with ALERT, Defending Vulnerable People’.

They believe, as do many others, including many medics, that the  LIVERPOOL CARE PATHWAY is a form of euthanasia. This has very sadly been borne out by the endless and growing numbers of relatives who have lost loved ones and now suffer as a result of this.
So here is NO LIVERPOOL CARE PATHWAY for the relatives, for you and for those who died.

Siobhan, Raul, Tanya, Elspeth, Nikki and Merv have put this web site together for you.

We have been helped by the efforts of Dr. Gillian Craig, Dr. Richard Lamerton, Nurse Teresa Lynch and others whose knowledge and experience in the field of medicine has been invaluable and for which we are extremely grateful.