Who’ll decide what is to replace the LCP? …Fans of the LCP

The following statement was put out by the NHS on Friday 30th August, an auspicious day especially for those grinning hypocrites who thought we would believe that ‘it’ had gone for good.

I can’t imagine how Denise and Eddie must feel after all the effort they, and so many others, made to rid us of the pestilence that was the LCP. For those of you who don’t know, the not so lovely Dr. Bee Wee was one of the original authors endorsing the damn thing. She does NOT think that the dying experience thirst………so that’s hopeful isn’t it.

As for the other 6 toed imbecilic organisations we note that no less than the CQC is to have a place as usual. Is this not the organisation decried as ‘not fit for purpose’ but sadly, innocently recommended by The Review.

Is this not the organisation seen as not able to actually ‘do anything’ by the exceptional fit for purpose Dr. Brian Jarman – and ‘where he’? – not included of course.

So folks you might have to gird your loins again to watch the (LACDP) ladle out an early death to another desperate group of people confused this time by- who exactly is in charge? Very, very clever but not so clever if you’re very poorly or like me disabled. Heaven help us.
Take care and I mean take care.

nikki kenward

A Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People (LACDP)is being set up under the chairmanship of Dr Bee Wee, National Clinical Director for End of Life Care at NHS England, to do this.

NHS England, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Department of Health (DH), General Medical Council (GMC), Health Education England (HEE), NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ), Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have already signed up to join the alliance to:
· support everyone involved in the care of people who are dying to respond to the findings of the review;

· be the focal point for the system’s response to the findings and recommendations of the LCP review;

· provide guidance on what needs to occur in place of the LCP;

· consider how best health and social sector can address the recommendations in the review about the accountability and responsibility of individual clinicians, out of hours decisions, nutrition and hydration and communication with the patient and their relatives or carers: and

· map existing guidance, training and development, as a prelude to considering how these impact on the care of dying people and the circumstantial factors that might affect the adoption of good practice.

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  1. Denise September 5, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    Rest assured I have been in contact with Prof Pullicino, together with emailing the Review Panel members and contacted the person who is supporting Bee Wee…I would not be surprised if a certain doctor from Liverpool is involved again…..nothing surprises me and I will continue this fight! I have also contacted Norman Lamb and await his comments…..

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